Year in review – A look back at 2016

Top posts from the past year

It’s time to ring in another new year! But before we do that, let’s wrap up 2016 with a year in review!

Here are five of my most popular posts from this past year.

One thing I can't give my son

1. One thing I can’t give my son

…All I know is my son wants something that I would really, really love to give him, but I can’t.

That’s hard for me to swallow. I mean, the moment I became a parent I began thinking about all the things I wanted to give my children, and not just tangible things like food or a home or an LSU jersey. I’m also talking about things like love and patience, kindness and encouragement…family. Read more…

You aren't the only one who doubts2. You aren’t the only one who doubts

…For a long time I was ashamed of the doubt I felt.

I thought every one else had a Herculean faith. I thought that everyone who sat around me at church had sprinted into service confidently…knowing and trusting beyond the shadow of a doubt.

But, over time I realized that isn’t true at all. The truth is that many of us limp into church every weekend, broken and beat up…wondering how we’ll make it through the next week.

Read more…

Why you should push your kids out the front door

3. Why you should push your kids out the front door

…If your kids would rather spend more time behind a screen than outside or if you consistently get a “No, thanks!” to your requests for company, push them out the front door!

Take them fishing, or to a park, or on a walk. Take them to peddle watermelons. Help your kids build the memories they don’t even know they want yet. Read more…

The conversation with my daughter I’m not ready to have

4. The conversation with my daughter I’m not ready to have

…I’m not ready for my daughter to experience that…but I’m trying to prepare.

You see, thankfully, my wife and I talked about it early on as parents…probably because both of us had similar experiences as children.

We decided to be intentional about helping our kids understand that their value has nothing to do with their appearance and as a result, we reinforce it in three ways. Read more…

I think Jesus wants us to treat people like they're an old Jeep stuck on a boat ramp5. I think Jesus wants us to treat people like they’re an old Jeep stuck on a boat ramp

…Even the most closed off people can be cracked by at least one topic…their kids, their favorite sports team…something.

I mean, I’ve never met a person who didn’t want someone to care about them. Most people don’t scream it from the mountaintop, but they’ll leave a crack open in hopes someone will stay around long enough to notice and maybe barge in like a high school kid crawling through a sunroof.

But so often we see a locked door and give up and just move on. Read more…

Here’s a bonus post. This one wasn’t as popular as the ones above, but I love it!

10 things no one told me before I had kids

10 things no one told me before I had kids

1. It’s going to rain socks in your house.

Seriously, there will be socks everywhere. On the floor. Behind beds. Between couch cushions. Everywhere. The dryer has been getting a bad wrap all these years. The truth is…most socks never even make it there.

2. It’s impossible to turn off all the lights in your house.

An enormous amount of time will be spent wandering through the house trying to turn off lights though…including the ones you just turned off five minutes ago! Kids are amazing at turning them on, but apparently it’s physically impossible for them to turn lights off. Who knew?! Read more…

So, that’s it! Thank you so much for joining me in 2016! I hope 2017 is a great one for you and your family!

Happy New Year!


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