Why fatherhood is a piece of cake

The other night my family went over to some friends’ house for dinner.

Why fatherhood is a piece of cake

We had a great time, too. The food was delicious, we played one of my favorite games, and all the kids played well together. Oh, and no one cried or got hurt. I mean, that fact alone meant the evening was a huge success.

The night wasn’t completely perfect though.

You see, shortly after dinner our friends served cake. Home. Made. Cake.

Now, I love cake more than Peyton Manning loves Papa John’s, so I was pretty pumped!

Coffee was also brewing. So when I was served my piece of cake, I just kept chatting as I waited for a cup.

After I got coffee, I reached for my fork…and that’s when I noticed that over half of my cake was gone! MY cake!

My beautiful wife had finished her piece and apparently set her sights on mine thinking I wasn’t going to eat it. But I was just waiting for coffee!

She said she was trying to “help me out.”

Uh huh.

Everyone had a good laugh and our gracious hosts cut me another piece.

I took a bite (it was delicious by the way) and we all kept chatting. I reached for my fork again, but it wasn’t there! A cute little seven year old had it…and she was using it to devour my cake! MY cake!!

The kids were running around playing chase and I didn’t even notice she had slipped up next to me! And I certainly didn’t notice her chowing down!

I mean, every time I had cake…someone started eating it!

Everyone else thought it was hysterical. But me?!

Actually, I didn’t care at all. But I laid it on pretty thick anyway.

Stop eating my cake, people!

It’s funny, I used to think being a father meant getting the first piece of cake…or the biggest piece of cake.

But the truth is, being a father means that sometimes you give up your piece of cake.

You see, I’ve realized that being a father means that sometimes you have to sacrifice your wants and needs for your family’s wants and needs.

And that’s why fatherhood is a piece of cake.

That’s why fatherhood is a football game. Or a round of golf. A movie. A new pair of shoes. A new truck. A night out. The comfy chair. Sleep.

Can you have those things? Absolutely.

But sometimes those things have to play second fiddle to your family.

Being the leader in your home doesn’t mean everyone bows down to you. Being the leader in your home means serving your family and putting their needs first.

The fathers I admire most do this really well.

I’ve got a way to go, but I’m trying more and more to follow their example.


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