I believe God still whispers

Not long ago I found myself in a moment of weakness.

I believe God still whispers.

It was one of those moments where I felt like less than enough. I felt inadequate as a father, husband, son…you name it.

I didn’t feel like I was meeting anyone’s expectations, even my own.

Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try, nothing you do is enough?

As I sat in that moment with just my thoughts and a cup of coffee, somehow I heard three small words…”you are enough.”

Then I happened to read an encouraging blog post from another writer and again I heard “you are enough.”

That was followed up with a couple of tweets with the same message and suddenly my “moment” was over.

As I smiled, I immediately wondered how in that particular moment, when I needed it most, did I hear those words?

Was it a coincidence?


I believe it’s because God still whispers.

Even though I don’t always hear Him…even though I would prefer His voice to be more like the loud booming voice of James Earl Jones…He often chooses to speak to us in a still, small voice.

He whispers “I am greater than…” in a colorful sunset.

He whispers “You are loved” in an encouraging text from a friend.

He whispers “You’re a great mom” when your child smiles at you.

He whispers “I’m always nearby” in a warm breeze.

He whispers through his Word and He whispers through you and me.

I’m so thankful he does. And, if we listen closely, we’ll find His whispers are really everywhere.

Even in a world where the voices are many, they are loud and they are persistent…even in a world that’s constantly telling us that we aren’t enough, we don’t measure up, we’re not pretty enough or smart enough, we’re never going to make it through the storm we’re in or telling us that everyone around us is a better parent, husband, or wife…

I believe God still whispers.

He whispers the real truth.

He whispers…

I am greater than any circumstance in your life and I am always nearby.

You are loved.

You are a great parent.

You are not alone.

You are enough.

In Him, we will always be enough.

You know, I’ve found that the more I pay attention, the louder those whispers become and those other voices…they start to fade away.

So, what is He whispering to you lately? What is He whispering to someone else through you?

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