I Want My Son to Be a Wee Little Man

That sounds strange, I know…especially in this day and age, when fathers are supposed to want their sons to be bigger, taller and stronger than they were….faster and more athletic, the next Lebron James, Peyton Manning or Miguel Cabrera.

I Want My Son to Be a Wee Little Man

It seems when our sons are still toddlers we build imaginary trophy cases in our minds that are just waiting to be filled. And, it’s hard to get away from that mentality.

But more than a sports phenom, I want my son to be like Zacchaeus.

That’s right, Zacchaeus.

You know the story. If nothing else, you know it from the old song. Sing it with me:

Zacchaeus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he. He climbed up in the sycamore tree for the Lord he wanted to see…

Zacchaeus was a short guy who didn’t have many friends. He was the worst of the worst…a tax collector. But, that’s not how history remembers him.

One day Jesus was traveling through Jericho and Zacchaeus wanted to see him. The Message translation says it this way, “He wanted desperately to see Jesus.” (Luke 19) But, due to his short stature, he couldn’t see above the crowd. So he climbed a tree in order to get a glimpse.

In other words, despite the circumstances around him…despite the obstacles in his way, he didn’t give up until he saw Jesus.

And, that’s an attitude I want my son to have more than anything.

When the world around him is trying so hard to keep him from seeing Jesus, and it will, will he rise above the crowd? Will he desperately want to get a peek?

You see it doesn’t matter if he’s the next Michael Jordan or Michael Scott.

It doesn’t matter if he’s an All-American or just All-Household…because trophies won’t define who he is. His relationship with the Son of Man will.

Zacchaeus’s perseverance is something many of us desire for our children, but there’s a catch. Our children will only desperately seek Him, if they see us doing the same.

And, though it’s not always easy, that’s a challenge we should all have for ourselves.


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  • Really, really good, Steve. As always, you nailed it. Thank you for sharing your gift with us! We are blessed for it.

    • Stephen

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Kelly!

  • Our baby boy is so lucky to have such a wonderful Daddy!

    • Stephen

      I can say the same about his Mommy!