Our Griswold Family Vacation

Last week my family went on vacation. No, we weren’t headed to Walley World, but just a short time in, I was expecting to see Cousin Eddie and Aunt Edna. Let’s just say things weren’t exactly going as planned. Here’s a log of the start of our trip:

Our Griswold Family Vacation

Target leave time 8:00. Actual leave time 8:30. (Not too bad.)

8:35: Low tire pressure light is on. We stop for air. I notice a cut on the side of one tire and it looks fairly deep. (We better get this thing checked out.)

8:50: We arrive at tire shop. I get a mechanic’s attention and he takes a peak…thinks we should be ok.

9:00: Back on the road. (Yesss!)

9:05: We miss our exit. (Nooo! Who is to blame for this is debated heavily.)

9:15: The four year old asks, “Where are we gonna eat for lunch?” (We just ate breakfast, kid!)

9:20: Back on track. (We’ve been in the car almost an hour and are only 5 miles from home.)

Next 7 hours: “Are we there yet?” (x127)

Estimated arrival time 3:00. Actual arrival time 4:30.

4:30: We finally arrive at the hotel, but we can’t find the registration office. Why? Because we are supposed to check in at a location a few miles back.  (And, we passed it on the way in.)

5:00: We check in. “Your room isn’t quite ready yet, but it shouldn’t be long,” we’re told. (The room was supposed to be available at 3:00) So we begrudgingly go to dinner…

7:45: We are finally notified that our room is ready.  (Are you kidding me!?)

8:00: We get in our room. It takes an hour or so to unload the car and then we do bath time and get the kids to bed. Saturday is gone and our plans to spend day one at the beach are out the window.


This day has to be better! I head off to Krispy Kreme to get the day started right! On my way…

7:00: Flat tire.  (I change the tire and go get doughnuts anyway…I mean, we had to eat.)

8:30 I hit the local tire shop and get two new tires…because apparently tires are like potato chips and you can’t get just one.

9:00 The realization that I’m Clark Griswold has set in. I head back to the room to hang with Ellen and the kids.

So, it was 24 hours after we left our house, we had missed our exit, tried to check-in at the wrong place, couldn’t get into our room for five hours, had a flat tire and had been to a mechanic…twice.

Needless to say, none of this was on the agenda.

The truth is things don’t always go the way we planned, especially during family time.

The point of family time, though, isn’t to follow an agenda or meet a set of deadlines. The point of family time is, well…time. Being together. So, don’t take those moments for granted regardless of the circumstances.

Whether things are crumbling around us or everything is perfect, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than with my family.

The rest of our week?  Amazing. We got to spend all day, every day with our children.  What could be better? (And we had doughnuts a few more times, too.)

All in all, I’d do it all over again…

So, what’s your best vacation story? When did things not go the way you had planned, yet turned out even better?

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  • Elizabeth

    Glad you all ended up having a good time and even ended up with material at the end.

    • Stephen

      We couldn’t have asked for a better time!