I think Jesus wants us to talk about people like we’re about to introduce them to an audience

Occasionally I do some announcing.

I think Jesus wants us to talk about people like we're about to introduce them to an audience

Starting lineups at a basketball game type of announcing.

Sometimes my kids want me to introduce them at home. They’ll ask my wife and me to sit on the couch while they run out of the room and prepare for some type of act…singing, dancing, joke telling, you name it.

Our son has done this since he was about two years old.

Back then he couldn’t pronounce it correctly, so he’d run to the corner of the room and yell “duce me!”

“Daddy, duce me!”

So, I would oblige. It was too cute not to.

“Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the stage, Coltooooooooon Jones!”

It’s funny, most people like to hear their name called…to be introduced.

I think that’s because anytime you introduce someone, you say nice things about them.

I mean, have you ever been part of an audience when the speaker introduction was filled with all of the bad things about them?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce your next speaker, Jim Smith. Jim is from Memphis, Tennessee. He has a really bad temper, spends too much time on his cell phone, and he once forgot his own kid’s birthday. Jim has an unpaid parking ticket and he hates dogs.

Put your hands together for Jim!

If that were the case, you probably wouldn’t hang around for Jim’s speech.

Instead, you’ll hear all the good things about Jim…all the reasons you should listen to what he has to say…all the reasons Jim has value…all the reasons Jim matters.

I think Jesus wants us to talk about people like we’re about to introduce them to an audience.

By doing so, we focus on all the good things about them.

We focus on all the reasons we should listen to what someone has to say…why they have value…why they matter.

That’s what Jesus does for us.

I mean, if there’s one thing that Jesus’s life taught us, it’s that everyone matters. Why else would He tell us to love our neighbors as ourselves?

Fearfully and wonderfully made.


Made in God’s image.

Those are words used to describe us…to introduce us.

And not because God doesn’t know all the bad things about us either. He does.

But He still talks about us like we all have value…like we all matter.

I think that means we should do that too.

After all, it’s hard to love someone when we can’t seem to say anything nice about them.

So, next time we’re tempted to point out all the things that are wrong with someone, maybe we should just pretend they’re in the corner yelling “duce me!


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  • Kathy Allen Terpay

    I really, really needed to hear this today. Thanks!