There is no such thing as a regular mom

I ran across this mug while my wife and I were out shopping the other day.

There is no such thing as a regular mom

In case you can’t see the photo, the phrase “I’m not like a regular mom…I’m a cool mom” is printed on the mug.

At first, I dismissed it. But then I thought, “Wait a minute…there is no such thing as a ‘regular’ mom.”

I mean, by definition, moms are cool! And amazing! And so are dads!

And it doesn’t have anything to do with the car you drive or whether or not you wear Hunter boots.

It’s because of the job you do. And yes, sometimes that job is messy. Sometimes that job has you feeling anything but cool.

Sometimes that job has you wearing rubber gloves and cleaning up throw up.

Sometimes that job has you awake at 2 am assuring a 3 year old that Darth Vader is not actually under his bed.

Sometimes that job has you cutting the crust off of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so that it won’t be deemed completely inedible.

Sure, it’s just a mug, but the struggle is all too real.

I mean, if we’re being honest, parents struggle with the idea of being cool every day.

Am I cool enough for my kids? Do my kids’ friends like to be around me? Do my own kids like to be around me? I don’t want my kids to be made fun of because of me…I better not go on that field trip or chaperon that dance…

These are things parents worry about. These are things that cause us to make decisions that aren’t always the best.

We let our kids go to parties we know we shouldn’t. We let them wear clothes that we wouldn’t otherwise let them wear. We drop our kids off around the corner instead of at the mall door. We make choices that we’d like to have back all the time…in the name of being “cool.”

But we shouldn’t.

You see, our kids won’t admit it…especially the teenagers…but being cool is pretty far down on the list of things they really want from their parents.

Instead, our kids want patience and understanding.

They want someone to talk to after a rough day.

They want guidance. They want boundaries.

They want our acceptance.

They believe we are required by law to love them, but they aren’t always so sure whether or not we really like them. (They’re insecure just like we are.)

Honestly, I could keep going on and on and on…and it would take me quite a while to get to “cool.”

What’s cool is constantly changing anyway, but the other things on that list…your love, your acceptance, your guidance…those things will always remain.

In twenty years your kids probably won’t remember what was cool in 2016. Occasionally, #ThrowbackThursday may jog their memory, but they’ll definitely remember how you cared for them…how you led them to be the person they have become.

You know, I can’t remember a single shirt my mom wore when I was a teenager. I don’t know if she was hip as it related to her peers.

But, I can tell you that my mom is far from “regular.”

She’s actually the best kind of cool…

Because of the hard work she put in while raising me.

Because she hugged me when I skinned my knees.

Because she stuck with me during those really awkward years when I tight-rolled my jeans.

Because she didn’t give up on me when I made one bad decision after another.

Because she loves me through peaks and valleys…and I’m pretty sure she even likes me a little bit.

She’s the best kind of cool because she’s my mom. And I couldn’t care less if anyone else thinks she’s hip or not.

Your kids feel the exact same way about you.

Your kids think you are anything but “regular.”

Your kids want so much more from you than style.

More than anything, your kids want…you.


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