Why you should take your kids to the dump

“Does anyone want to go to the dump with me?”

Why you should take your kids to the dump

I didn’t expect to have any takers. After all, who just wants to go to the dump? I mean, I didn’t even want to go.

“I do!” said our three year old.

Our daughter, Kaylee, is a homebody, but Colton…he likes to be on the go. He’s usually up for anything…even going to the dump apparently.

Honestly, I’m not even sure he knew what the dump was, but at any rate, we were on our way.

We talked about his day. About race cars. About words that start with the letter Q.





“No, buddy. Fast starts with F.”

As we chatted, I remembered all the trips to the dump I had with my dad when I was kid. I remembered there was actually a time when I liked going to the dump.

That had nothing to do with the dump and everything to do with my dad.

Just me and him in his truck.

It’s funny, we get so worked up over planning activities for our kids…play dates, birthday parties, and vacations. We agonize over every detail trying to create the perfect memory.

The truth is, what they’ll remember most are trips to the dump, buggy rides at the grocery store, and the silly dance you did in the kitchen.

They’ll remember those spontaneous moments.

The ones that can’t be manufactured. The ones that just happen doing every day life together.

So take your kids to the dump this weekend.

Include them in the small, mundane things you take for granted.

That’s where the best memories are made.


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