The day after Christmas

Twas the day after Christmas
when all the through the house
Everyone was still stuffed from dinner,
even the mouse.

The day after Christmas

Wrapping paper was strewn
just about everywhere.
It was obvious that St. Nicholas
had just been there.There were toys a’plenty
for all age ranges.
Some had gift cards,
and some had exchanges.

And Mama needed her coffee
and I wanted a nap,
After putting together new toys,
we were pretty much zapped.

When out in the driveway
there rose such wail,
Nana had started the car,
headed to an after Christmas sale.

Away to the mall
we all flew like a flash.
With our gift cards in hand,
and some Kohl’s cash.

The signs in the windows
of all of the stores
Gave a luster of discounts
to all the mall-goers.

When, what to my wondering eyes
should appear
But a Starbucks.
We can get lattes right here!

With a bit of caffeine
we were lively and quick,
I knew in a moment
this beverage had kick.

More rapid the eagles
to the stores Nana came,
And she whistled, and shouted,
and called them by name…

Now Gap! Now Macy’s!
Now, Apple, Crazy 8 and Pacsun!
On, Loft! On, L.L. Bean!
And, you too, Nordstrom!

To the top of the escalator,
to the top of the mall!
Now, shop away! Shop away!
Shop away all!

After a day full of shopping,
it was time to go home.
My feet were hurting,
and there were bowl games on.

So back to the crib
the family they flew,
With a mini van full of deals
and Nana too.

As we sat on the couch
and exhaustion set in.
The same ol’ Hallmark Christmas movie
came on again.

And as I exclaimed
as I ran out of sight.
I bet there’s a misunderstanding
and the couple kisses at 9:58, right?!

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