“That’s MY Jesus!”

So, my wife has a book of devotionals she enjoys, titled Jesus Calling.  She usually tries to read it early in the mornings before the kids and I come barreling downstairs.  It’s part of her morning routine.

Thats My Jesus

Well, one day she didn’t have a chance to read it before everyone was up and at ‘em.  Despite the chaos around her, she reached for it anyway.

My son Colton, who just turned two, noticed this and yelled, “That’s MY Jesus!”

We were stunned, but it was so funny.  I mean, we didn’t even know he knew it was a devotional! (They pay attention way more than we think they do, don’t they?)

You see, Colton has a baby Bible that he likes to have read to him.  He doesn’t call it a book or a Bible; he calls it “Jesus.”

The book is very colorful, and he likes to turn the pages to look at all the pictures.  Each page has a different story about Jesus.  He’s very possessive of it too, the way most toddlers are about their belongings. (I mean, it is his Jesus.)

One night Colton was sitting and looking through it, but something got his attention and he put it down. When he remembered he was looking at it, he couldn’t find it.

“Daddy, where’s Jesus?” he asked. “Where’s Jesus?”

We couldn’t find “Him” right away, so we abandoned our search long enough for me to give Colton a bath. After that, I got the boy dressed and he headed down the hallway.

“There’s Jesus!” he called.

He had found Him.  Yes!

You know, I hope he always continues searching for Jesus.  And, it’s my job to help Colton find Him. When the world is trying to rip Jesus from his hands…from his mind and his heart, it’s my job to teach him how to hold on tighter and yell…”That’s MY Jesus!”

You know, it’s funny, when it’s time to read to him and I look for that book…when I look for “Jesus,” so does Colton.  He’s right by my side looking with me. There’s a lesson in that for me.

If I want my children to seek Jesus, they have to see me seeking Him first.

So, how do you teach your children to look for Him? How do you cling to His promises and tell the world “That’s MY Jesus?”

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  • “If I want my children to seek Jesus, they have to see me seeking Him first” – so true! Thanks for sharing this story.

    • Stephen

      Thanks for reading, Rachel!

  • B Shay

    Love it Steve! I know if I ever lose track of Jesus, Colton can help Me find Him too!

    • Stephen

      Glad you like it!

  • Janet Thompson

    Steve, this is so sweet. I love how he calls his Bible, ‘my Jesus’. Yes, I hope he keeps searching for him too, and with a caring, godly dad like you, it is all the more likely he always will. Keep it up, Dad.