The Power of 79,431

Much is said about the difference one person can make in this world. From Jackie Robinson to Mother Teresa…Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King Jr., as well as average Joe’s all over the world, the impact one individual can have on society can be enormous. Some refer to this as the “Power of One.”

The Power of 79,431

But there is also strength in numbers. That’s one of the reasons I love sports…the teamwork it requires, especially in football. And, I love football. I really love football. (You know that Tuesday night TV game between Who State and Never Heardof U? I watch that game.)

Let me take you back to 1988, when gas was 91 cents per gallon, Rain Man was in theaters and LSU’s Tiger Stadium could only hold 79,431 fans.

To say ‘Death Valley’ (that’s the name of the stadium) is loud on a football Saturday night is a severe understatement. You can literally feel the noise as it vibrates in your chest.

October 8, 1988 was no exception. LSU hosted the fourth-ranked Auburn Tigers that night and trailed 6-0 with time running out in the fourth quarter.  It was fourth-and-10 with just under two minutes remaining in the game when it happened. LSU scored an improbable touchdown that led to a 7-6 victory. But the touchdown wasn’t the “it.”

The “it” was the ensuing fan reaction that caused an earthquake.  You read that right. Together, nearly eighty-thousand Tiger faithful…jumping up and down…created enough vibration to register an earthquake on the nearest seismograph. Pretty cool, huh? (Read more here.)

That story always makes me think about everything that can be accomplished when people work together. We learn about the value of teamwork at a pretty young age too.  Whenever I ask my daughter to clean up, she always responds with “Will you help me?” because she knows four hands are better than two.

The story of Nehemiah is another great example of teamwork. One person, Nehemiah, was compelled to rebuild his home (Nehemiah 2:3-5)…to make a difference in his community. But, he didn’t do it alone. Together, the people of Judah rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem in just 52 days! Each family rebuilt the section in front of his or her own house. Teamwork.

So, what’s on your mind? Where do you feel moved to make a difference? Whether it’s an original idea or a tug to get involved with an ongoing project, the opportunities are endless. We have been called to work together and to love others. So grab a friend or two or eighty-thousand and start an earthquake…

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  • Elisca

    For God to use me to make a difference in someone’s life is truly an honor, and I’m thrilled to given a job to bring my Heavenly Father the honor and glory

    • Stephen

      You’re right, Elisca. It’s an honor and a blessing to be able to help others!

  • Brad

    Well said – great illustration! That comment coming from a Gator 🙂

    • Stephen

      Thanks, Brad! I hope my Auburn friends feel the same way!