A Story Worth Repeating

I always enjoy a good story. I love hearing them and I love telling them. It’s a trait I inherited from my father and one of the reasons I started blogging.

A Story Worth Repeating

So, what makes a good story, anyway?

A good story is worth repeating. It’s timeless, simple and often beyond belief.

When I was growing up, my father told such a story.

“I once struck out 25 of 27 batters,” he would say, “and the other two popped out. “But, they wouldn’t let me pitch anymore because I threw too hard.”

Simple and beyond belief. And, I never, ever believed it.

You see, as a kid I loved playing baseball. And, based on my own experiences on the diamond, I knew how improbable this was. (Hey, my fastball was most kids’ changeup!)

I couldn’t even begin to count how many times I heard it either. If anyone mentioned baseball or pitching, it was coming…because to my dad, it was a good story…a story worth repeating!

Well, a good story is definitely worth repeating, but, do you know what the most important characteristic of a good story is? The storyteller.

And that’s why, despite my unbelief, I always loved dad’s story.

That’s why your children want to climb into your lap night after night. Trust me; it’s not the princes, princesses and fire-breathing dragons. You see, it’s not the characters in the story that keep them coming back; it’s the character telling the story.

So, keep telling those tall tales of the good old days when you walked to school uphill…both ways…in the snow.

Though they might not always believe you, they will always cherish the time you spent together. (Especially when they are adults with children of their own)

So, who’s your favorite storyteller? What story do you have that’s worth repeating? What story gets told over and over in your family?

Oh, my dad’s tall tale…according to my uncle (who was there that day) it was true the whole time! And, though he’s no longer with us, his story lives on…because it’s simple, timeless and beyond belief. And, it’s definitely worth repeating.

Hey, did I ever tell you about the time my dad struck out 25 of 27 batters and the other two popped out? They wouldn’t let him pitch anymore because he threw too hard…

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  • Emily

    You are my favorite story teller!

    • Brian

      That’s good to hear Em. ‘Cause if you crawled up on anyone else’s lap at night…well, people would be telling a different story. That’s all I’m sayin’. 😉