Spread the Gospel, Not Germs!

Did you know that church-goers really like to shake hands?

Spread the Gospel, Not Germs!

Most churches even create multiple opportunities on Sunday morning for you to shake as many hands as possible. As many hands as possible.

(Have you ever been asked to serve on the Hand-Shake Committee? No? Oh, you will.)

First, there’s the greeter. He shakes hands with everyone as they enter the building or the service…everyone.

Then, just in case you were able to successfully side-step Mr. Greeter…umm, I mean, just in case you didn’t get a chance to shake hands with the greeter, don’t fret! The “welcome” during service is coming.

“Good Morning! Let’s all stand up…shake a hand and give a good ol’ (insert church name here) welcome to everyone around you.”

Whoever made up that little ceremony had clearly never spent any time in the church nursery. I mean, Cheerios® aren’t the only thing in abundance over there.

I also wonder if that person was aware of the science experiment we all did in middle school. You know, the one where we all put on gloves and shook hands. And even though bacteria was only swabbed on one person’s glove, we all grew a friend in our petri dish!

Hey, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be friendly and welcoming…but can we work in a fist bump..an air high-five…maybe even a side hug!?

Isn’t cleanliness next to godliness? And what’s that Bible verse we all like to quote? “Come to me all who are dirty and I will give you Zest.

Or something like that. I can’t be sure. My Bible app isn’t working.

All I’m saying is…let’s spread the Gospel, not germs!

Don’t we want visitors to come back? Then, let’s not send them home with the flu…or pink eye…or whatever the latest 24-hour bug is.

Do you know why some churches ask visitors to stand up during the service? Yeah, that’s so the Hand-Shake Committee can get a good look at you. After the last amen…here they come!

Ok…ok…I confess, sometimes I can be a bit of a germophobe. I mean, given a choice, I’d prefer to avoid illness-causing bacteria if at all possible. Maybe that’s just me.

You can still shake my hand though…just don’t be surprised if you see me head to the bathroom 7 times on Sunday. It’s not the effects of my morning coffee…I’m just washing my hands!

Now, let’s talk about those potluck dinners…


Am I the only one who thinks about these things? Just me? Oh, ok.

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