Sometimes I think about myself way too much

I think about myself a good bit. After all, I have more influence over my own life than any other.

Sometimes I think about myself way too much

But sometimes I think about myself way too much.

In fact, sometimes I’m all I think about.

Sometimes I forget that the world doesn’t revolve around me.

Do you ever get like that?

You’d think I’d be a really happy person during those seasons too…spending all that time and energy focusing on myself. But, I’m not. I’m usually pretty miserable during those times.

I don’t always realize when it’s happening either.

But, the good news is that I finally found a way to realize when I’m thinking about only myself.

It finally hit me that my prayers tell me. Maybe that’s old news for you, but I’m just getting there.

You see, I’ve realized that sometimes all I pray about is myself. All I do is rattle off my list of complaints, requests, and concerns about myself to God.

Sometimes there’s not even a single mention of my wife or my kids, let alone anyone else.

I’m pretty embarrassed to admit that…because I think we pray about things that we are genuinely concerned about.

And during those selfish times, I guess I’m only genuinely concerned about me.

I’m certainly not valuing others above myself. If I were, I’d be praying a whole lot more about other people and a whole lot less about me, right?

I mean, the reason it makes us feel so good to do something nice for someone…to focus on filling a need for someone else…to bless others…is because that’s what God created us for…not for ourselves.

And that’s why I feel so miserable during those seasons of selfishness. I’m not being what I’m supposed to be. He made me to be about Him and to be about other people.

The really funny thing is that I’m usually praying for Him to give me some kind of guidance. Just tell me what to do! And I forget He already has – Love God. Love Others.

The good news is there’s hope for those of us who can be a little too self centered sometimes. If we will let Him, He’ll direct our path. God will always be there to nudge us back in the right direction.

He’ll gently elbow us in the ribs.

He’ll quietly whisper in our ear.

You see, sometimes when we turn to Him…He turns us right back towards someone else.

It’s like He’s saying, just focus on what I’ve already told you. Right now, just worry about loving your family…your friends…your neighbor. I’ll work out everything else.

So, I’m trying to do just that. I’m trying think about myself less and others more.

I’m trying to show, instead of just telling, my kids what it looks like to put others first.

What about you? Do you ever think about yourself way too much like I do? Who could He be turning you towards instead?


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