Why Shopping is Exhausting

Shopping can be fun, especially this time of year. But lately, shopping has turned into a great deal of work.

Why Shopping is Exhausting

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Don’t get me wrong; I actually like to shop, but I remember when shopping was simply running into a store and exchanging cash for an item…quick, easy, and uneventful.

That’s not the case anymore. Shopping has become a process. Recently, I took inventory of all the steps involved in a purchase. Here’s what I came up with:

First, I have to research the product online…learn all about it. (I mean, I can’t just stroll into the store and pick something off the shelf on a whim. That’s old school.) What’s that? I can even read reviews and find out what other people think of the product before I decide whether or not to buy it? Sweet!

Only two reviews? Well, okay. The first one says the item is too big. Hmm…I don’t want it too big. Wait, the second review says it’s too small. Which is it?! I’ll split the difference and assume it’s just right…

But, how can I be sure the store has my item in stock before I drive all the way there? What? I can check in-store availability? You read my mind!

Wait; there most certainly is a location within a 25 mile radius of my home. That is my correct zip code! Finally…they have it! Score!

I’ve done my homework. I know what I want. Let’s roll!

So, I’m on my way with high hopes of a simple and effective transaction. I arrive, find a place to park (I’m not going to back into the space and you shouldn’t either, but that’s a topic for another day.), and head inside.

I grab a buggy just in case. Yes, it’s a buggy, not a shopping cart…we’ve talked about these before here.

So, I finally make it to the right department and find my item. Now, we’re getting somewhere!

There’s a lower price available? Awesome! But to get it, I have to download the store app? Fine…I’ll do it for 20% off. I can’t get a signal way back here…let me walk to the front of the store so this thing will download. Does this place have wi-fi?

Done. I burned through some of my data plan, but SAVINGS! Hold on…I have to create an account first. (I’ll never remember this log in.)

Ok, now I’m ready to check out.

No, I don’t have a rewards card. Do I need one? I just got the app. Points for what? Fine, I’ll add it to the 75 other cards on my keychain.

Great…now, let’s complete this transaction!

Store credit card? An additional 20% off my entire purchase? No, thanks. I really don’t need another credit card. Plus, this thing only costs $1.37.

You need my zip code? Why? Are you updating the “check in-store availability” tool on your website?

Finally, it’s time to pay!

Yes, I want the entire amount charged to this card. It’s $1.37; I don’t need to break that up.

No, I don’t need cash back. Or, do I?

Now, I’m done! Success!

That’s a lot of work for a pack of mints…and one really, really long receipt.

Man, I’m exhausted after that adventure!

I’m not sure what’s more comical, that whole process or the fact that I keep going back!

Happy shopping!


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