Allow myself to introduce myself(ie)…

I know some parents that have a policy with their kids that for every new toy that enters the house, two old ones must leave. Obviously, their children pick toys they don’t use anymore to send off. I mean, who wouldn’t.

I’m starting to believe this policy is in effect for the English dictionary. When one new word is added, two must be removed.

By now I’m sure you’re aware that selfie has been added to the dictionary. It was even named 2013 word of the year!

Here’s the entry from the Oxford Dictionary. (American English)

Selfie: noun (plural selfies) informal  – a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website. Origin: early 21st century: from self + -ie

So, if my theory is correct, when selfie went in, two words came out. I think maybe those words were please and thank you.

I have literally heard the word selfie more over the past two weeks…month…maybe even year…than I have heard the words please and thank you. (According to folks with the Oxford Dictionary, use of the word selfie is up 17,000% over the past year.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good picture of myself as much as the next balding, out-of-shape, approaching middle age guy. But, I’m determined to tell others “please” and “thank you” more often than I photograph myself.

I’m also committed to teaching my children to do the same.

I’m sure the ability to purse their lips while simultaneously snapping a picture of themselves in a mirror will serve my children well in life, but I’m pretty confident good manners and politeness towards others will benefit them just a little bit more.

Doesn’t it feel good when someone says “thank you” at home, work…anywhere?

What do you think?  How do you emphasize the importance of please and thank you in your home? (How do you remember to say those words yourself, for that matter?!)

For me, I believe showing my children how much I appreciate their awesome mom is a good place to start!

Hey, thank you for reading this post! Please enjoy this selfie I took! And, please come back again!

P.S. I have no idea which words were retired when they let twerk in…if you figure it out, please let me know!

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  • B Shay

    Thank you for a great post! I’m sure twerk took the place of self-respect and self-worth. I’m not sure if that is 2 words or 4. But clearly they have been removed.

    • Stephen

      Thanks, B! I guess technically, it’s three different words, but who’s counting!?

  • Jennifer

    Instead of taking a selfie, I just ask someone else to take the picture of me. That gives me a chance to ask them with a “please,” and respond afterwards with a “thank you.” The end product is much better! LOL!

    • Stephen

      Funny, Jennifer!

  • Jo Anna Grimsley

    Please post more comments like this. Thank you!

    • Stephen

      You’re welcome, Jo Anna! 😉 Back at you!

  • Steff Jones

    Very thoughtful commentary.

    • Stephen

      Thanks, Steff! Thanks for reading!