When parents should stop taking pictures

It seems everyone is into pictures these days, especially parents.

When parents should stop taking pictures

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And why not? Smartphones have made it so easy to be. They’ve given us the ability to take pictures…see them, print them, share them…anytime, anywhere.

Personally, I have two camera apps on my phone and another photo editor.

I mean, it’s fun to take pictures and share them with friends and family, right?

But sometimes I think parents have gone too far.

You see, I saw a toddler the other day…he couldn’t have been more than two…who was having a blast playing with a bunch of balls, and his parents wanted a picture of this…badly.

This little guy, though, wasn’t interested in pausing for pictures; he just wanted to play ball. And, every time his parents would pose him, he cried.

As I was watching this, it hit me that I’ve totally done that.

I think if we’re honest, lots of us have.

We’ve ruined a perfectly good moment by trying too hard to get a picture of it. Or worse, we’ve tried to create a fake moment just to get a cool picture.

But who are these pictures for anyway? Are they really for us or are we taking them for “likes”?

I mean, if our desire to capture a moment and share it on social media is stronger than our desire to actually live in the moment with our kids, it might be time to put the camera down.

If we plan activities based on the photo opportunities they present, it might be time to stop taking pictures.

If getting a picture is more important than whether or not our kids are having fun, it’s definitely time to stop taking pictures.

Our kids just want to slide and swing, eat cupcakes and ice cream, ride the carousel and play soccer. (without having to stop every two seconds to say “cheese!”)

And while pictures can be great reminders of all those things, they aren’t a substitute for actually living them.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with taking pictures of our children. I’m just saying we need to check our motives.

Pictures aren’t for likes and comments; they’re for looking back on past vacations and marveling at just how much the kids have grown.

They’re for remembering birthdays, Halloween costumes, and excited faces at Christmas.

They’re for first dates and graduation parties.

They’re for freezing time in any moment that you just aren’t ready to let go of.

And eventually, they’re for walking down memory lane when your kids have kids.

Ok, ok…and they’re for the occasional Throwback Thursday!

Just remember, moments make the picture, pictures don’t make the moment.


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