How Peyton and Tebow are Alike

I may have mentioned this before, but I love football. I mean, the season just ended and I miss it already. Seriously, it’s been only a week since the “Big Game,” and I’m wondering how I will make it to August. In fact, my wife just checked to see if I was “okay.”

How Peyton and Tebow are Alike

You know, this week as I reflected on a pretty exciting season, two players stood out, Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow. And, the more I thought about them, the more I realized how much they are alike.

(Now, I’m sure some of you rolled your eyes at that thought, but you’ve read this far, so hang with me. Actually, if you did, you’re helping to prove my point.)

For me, the season was about the resurgence of one and the absence of the other.

At age 37, Peyton returned to his former self by setting single-season records for most passing yards and passing touchdowns on the way to his fifth most valuable player award.

Tebow was, well, absent. No team, no opportunity, no chance.

I know what you’re thinking, that sounds about as different as two people can be. Maybe…maybe not.

On the field, Peyton Manning is a 5-time NFL MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, and a Super Bowl champion. (He also happens to be the best commercial spokesperson on the planet!)

Tim Tebow has a high school state championship, two college national championships, a Heisman trophy and has quarterbacked a team to victory in the NFL playoffs.

Now, we’re getting somewhere…they are both extremely successful.

But, here’s the reason I really think these two are alike.

To me, Peyton and Tebow are alike because, despite their success, people are always telling them they’re not good enough. Despite all the things they’ve accomplished, people are quick to point out all they have not. Next to all of their accolades is an asterisk or a “but.”

(I started to say they both have pretty big buts…but that didn’t sound right.)

Best regular season in NFL history? Not good enough.

Bring a team back from a 1-4 record to make the playoffs? Not good enough.

Super Bowl champion? But he’s lost two of them.

Winning record as an NFL quarterback? But his mechanics are awful.

And, that’s why I can relate…to both of them.

I’ve felt like that many times, sometimes on my own and sometimes through the words and actions of other people.

I’m sure you’ve thought you weren’t good enough…at home, at school, or at work. Maybe a friend or your spouse has made you feel this way?  The truth is, at some point, we all feel inadequate.

I don’t always realize it in those moments, but usually when I feel this way, it’s because I’m measuring myself against the wrong standards.

As a result, I’ve learned that it’s important to remember to keep your own score. You, not other people, get to determine what’s important to you.  You say what a win is and what a loss is.

Win: watching my children scrounge up their change to give money to help other people.

Loss: hearing them repeat something rude I’ve said.

Win: remembering that I am His masterpiece.

Loss: focusing on what others think of me.

So, what’s a win in your house? How will you define your legacy?

You know, regardless of what you may have heard recently, no one’s legacy is determined by the number of Super Bowl rings he has…and I’m pretty thankful for that because I don’t have any…

(I know a couple of quarterbacks who seem to understand this as well.)

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  • Elizabeth

    Favorite post! I’m trying to focus more on Proverbs 31 type of women but I have to constantly remind myself of that….

    • Stephen

      Thanks, Elizabeth! I’m constantly remind myself of the things I want to be too…