When Striving For Perfection Is A Bad Thing

Have you ever had one of those seasons in your life in which a certain message seems to pop up everywhere? And, it gets to the point where you know it’s a message that you clearly need to hear.

When Striving For Perfection Is A Bad Thing

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That’s where I am right now. That message?

“Stop trying to be perfect.”

It’s a message that has come in many different versions, but the overall theme has been the same. And, I’ve finally gotten the hint.

You see, I’ve turned into somewhat of a perfectionist, and it’s not fun. I’m more concerned with finding all that is wrong with something instead of celebrating all that is right with it.

Take this blog for example. I would like to post more frequently, but I can’t until I find the perfect topic. And once I’ve finally decided on one, I labor over the best way to present it.

Lately I’m so worried about a post being perfect, without blemish…that I can’t appreciate the journey of writing it and the story that it tells. And by doing this…man, I really suck out all of the fun! Because when I finally click “Publish,” I feel more relieved than excited.

You see, the pursuit of perfection is often a robber of joy.

I mean, it seems like something good…I’m striving for perfection here! Everyone likes perfect, right? But if I’m being totally honest, what presents itself as a desire for excellence is actually a disguise for fear.

I fear that you won’t like a post or that you’ll think I’m an idiot or you’ll tell your friends that was the dumbest thing anyone has ever written. Then, you’ll huff and puff and blow my house down.

In short, I fear that you won’t accept me.

Have you experienced something like this? Maybe it was your child’s birthday party or planning a vacation. Maybe you put so much pressure on yourself to make every detail perfect that you weren’t even able to enjoy the moment. Maybe your desire for perfection was actually a fear of rejection (by your kids or other parents) and when the party came and went, you were more relieved than excited. There was no joy in the journey or the destination.

You see, I want this blog (and many other things) to be perfect…because it’s a reflection of me…which is silly when you think about it. I mean, even if a post was perfect, it wouldn’t be a true reflection of who I am because I, most certainly, am not perfect. I make mistakes quite often. I have spots and blemishes, and the truth is some will accept me for them and others will not.

That recurring message has finally reminded me of this.

So, I’ve decided to take back my joy! I’m over trying to be perfect. I’m good with this post and myself whether others approve or not. It’s time to remember that I’ve already gotten acceptance from the One who matters. You see, my identity is in Christ, not a bad blog post or birthday party or a vacation or anything else for that matter. He knows every imperfection that I have and loves me anyway.

The same is true for you.

So, what about you? Are you enjoying life’s journey right now or being robbed of your joy?

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  • Elizabeth

    I like the new look of the blog. The current message I have seen consistently whether or a church “billboard”, on someone’s shirt or on a little cross-stitch in someone’s house is “Your life is the best sermon”.

    • That’s a good one, Elizabeth! We often try to think of the perfect story to tell, but there is no better story than our own.