10 confessions I have as a parent

Parenting is by far the most challenging and the most fun thing I’ve ever done.

10 confessions I have as a parent

There’s nothing like it…it can be a ball of stress and a barrel of laughs all at the same time.

Some things have turned out just the way I expected. The other 99% keeps me on my toes.

Seven years in, though, I have a few confessions:

1. I’ve pretended to still be asleep when the kids come in my room early in the morning in hopes that they would just go. back. to. sleep. (or to my wife’s side of the bed!)

2. Sometimes, when we’re really tired, my wife and I “reward” our children by letting them skip taking a bath for the night…

3. I’ve hidden one of my children’s favorite books before because it was just. too. long.

4. I’ve ordered my kids a large French fry knowing they wouldn’t eat them all and I would get the leftovers.

5. I may or may not have taken clothes out of the dirty clothes hamper and dressed my kids with them.

6. Sometimes I set up a really easy challenge for my kids so I can get some ice cream. “I need you to be a good listener. If you pick up your fork and move it to the other side of your plate, we’ll go get ice cream!”

7. I’ve totally pretended to eat my own vegetables.

8. Sometimes we hide the good desserts until after the kids go to bed.

9. When I’m listening to music alone and iTunes shuffles to the the Frozen soundtrack…I don’t always change it.

10.  I like Doc McStuffins even more than the kids do. (That theme song is just so catchy! “Time for your checkup. Time for your checkup.”)

I'd like to hear from you! How many of these can you relate to? What other confessions are on your list? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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