Christian Valentine Cards

I don’t know about you, but I always struggle to find the perfect Valentine’s Day card. I need more choices.

Christian Valentine Cards

I started thinking, I’ve read all these cool Christian pickup lines like “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a selection of hip Christian Valentine cards? You know, ones that would make my wife remember why I’m the one she chose to be late to church with.

My wife agreed that it would be amazing…ly hysterical.

Since we couldn’t find any, we sat down and wrote some of our own.

The most terrifying verse in the Bible

Some Bible verses bring me great peace and comfort. Some make me want to sing and dance, and others make me want to cry tears of joy.

The most terrifying verse in the Bible

However, there’s one verse that doesn’t do any of that. There’s one verse I find terrifying. In fact, to me, it’s the most terrifying verse in the Bible. It literally scares the living daylights out of me, and I can’t get it out of my mind lately.

The verse?

5 lessons to teach your kids this year

Kids are like sponges. They are constantly absorbing everything that’s around them at home, at school, at the mall, on TV…you name it.

5 lessons to teach your kids this year

I often ask myself if I’m doing enough to influence all that my kids are soaking up.

Sometimes I think I just hope they pick up on certain lessons in life.

Instead of “train up a child,” I’m trying to “hope up a child.”

But that doesn’t work.

The truth is you have to be intentional about teaching your kids what you want them to learn.

So, while we are setting our goals for this year, let’s not forget about our children.

Year in review – A look back at 2016

Top posts from the past year

It’s time to ring in another new year! But before we do that, let’s wrap up 2016 with a year in review!

Here are five of my most popular posts from this past year.

One thing I can't give my son

1. One thing I can’t give my son

…All I know is my son wants something that I would really, really love to give him, but I can’t.

That’s hard for me to swallow. I mean, the moment I became a parent I began thinking about all the things I wanted to give my children, and not just tangible things like food or a home or an LSU jersey. I’m also talking about things like love and patience, kindness and encouragement…family. Read more…

You aren't the only one who doubts2. You aren’t the only one who doubts

…For a long time I was ashamed of the doubt I felt.

I thought every one else had a Herculean faith. I thought that everyone who sat around me at church had sprinted into service confidently…knowing and trusting beyond the shadow of a doubt.

But, over time I realized that isn’t true at all. The truth is that many of us limp into church every weekend, broken and beat up…wondering how we’ll make it through the next week.

Read more…

You have a baby…in a barn

Have you seen the movie Sweet Home Alabama?

You have a a barn

If so, you may remember the scene when Reese Witherspoon’s character uttered the phrase…

Look at you, you have a baby…in a bar.

Melanie Carmichael was appalled at what her eyes were seeing, wasn’t she?

And this may be a silly correlation, but every time I see or think of that scene, it reminds me of the Christmas story.