Dictate the pace of your life before the pace of your life dictates you


Dictate the pace of your life before the pace of your life dictates you

My wife and I experience a much different pace in our lives than we did before we had kids.

Now, there are practices and games, recitals and meetings, doctor visits and haircut appointments. The list goes on an on.

In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m going through a really busy season that’s caused me to think about this topic even more.

Through all of the activities, I’ve realized that sometimes the pace of life dictates us instead of us dictating the pace of our lives. We get pulled in so many different directions…struggling to keep up…wondering where the time has gone…feeling exhausted.

Our activities dictate our pace. Our pace dictates our lives.

Can you relate?

And it’s not that our schedule gets filled with bad things, things that aren’t important, it’s just that we often aren’t placing enough importance on pace.

Without a proper pace, some important things can suffer. Quality time with our kids. Quality time with our spouse. Rest. Stillness.

You know, the track and field events are some of my favorite events in the Olympics, especially the races.

If there’s anyone that understands the importance of pace, it’s those athletes. I mean, if they start the race too quickly, they won’t have enough energy to finish strong. Wait too long to pick up speed and there won’t be enough distance left to catch the leaders.

And what separates the good runners from the great is the ability to control the pace of the race from start to finish.

In the same way, we should work to control the pace of our lives.

For my wife and me, controlling the pace of life often means saying no to good things, which can be hard as parents…it’s harder than we thought it would be, actually. I mean, we want our children to experience as many good things as possible. What parent doesn’t?

And because of that, it’s so easy to have FOMO and feel like you might miss an opportunity for your children or even for yourself. It’s easy to worry that you might regret the fact that you didn’t sign up for that cool activity or join that committee or go to that event, party, you name it.

So, to avoid that, sometimes we say yes. And we say yes. And we say yes.

And sometimes when we do say no to something and then see our friends posting about it on Facebook…it feels like we’ve missed out. So the next time, we’re tempted to say yes again.

The truth is, we can all “yes” our way into an unhealthy schedule. A schedule that doesn’t leave enough room for quality time with our kids and each other. We become tired and grumpy…and before we know it, the pace of life is dictating our lives…our mood…our interactions…our relationships…

You know, I have often regretted adding one more thing to the schedule.

I have never regretted an unplanned moment spent with God… praying or reading His word.

I have never regretted an unplanned moment spent talking with my wife.

I have never regretted an unplanned moment spent playing with my children.

What about you? Are you over-scheduling? Do you have FOMO? Is the pace of your life dictating you?

If so, be honest and be intentional about regaining control. Say no to something good so that you have enough room for something great.

Dictate the pace of your life before the pace of your life dictates you.


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