The Village of Onomatopoeia

A few days ago I shared a link on Twitter to a blog by All Pro Dad. That day’s topic was “10 Ways to Make Your Family Laugh More.” (Read here) Number two on the list was “Creative Bedtime Stories.”

The Village of Onomatopoeia

In my Tweet I said, “There are many more! [than 10] I’ll share how we do #2 at my house soon.”

My wife told me later that my choice of words was questionable.  I see her point. (Hey, she’s funny too. Plus, we are parents of small children so those jokes resonate.) Moving on…

The blog was timely as I had been planning to share this story.

“A long time ago in a village far, far away called Onomatopoeia…”

That’s how story time begins at my house.  Each evening when it’s my turn to take our daughter “night, night,” we read books and then she asks me to tell her a story.  “A fairy-tale story,” she says, “not too short,” partly because she likes to stall…a lot, but mainly because she truly enjoys the unique stories that follow.  She helps too.  I get pointed in certain directions when the plot isn’t going how she thinks it should. And, I always name the characters wrong, so she quickly renames them to something more appropriate. But by the end, we have one adventurous story that we crafted together.

It’s one of my favorite things that we do. She remembers some of the stories, but mostly they are long gone after a good night’s sleep. The point isn’t the stories though, it’s the act.  It’s special. It’s unique. It’s our time together to be silly and laugh.

How do you make those types of memories with the children in your life?

Do you forget about deadlines, emails and laundry and sing a silly song or dance like its 1999? If you’re embarrassed or uncomfortable, don’t be. Your kids LOVE it! No matter what I do, my daughter is my biggest fan. She would be the first to hit my “Like” button or to “Follow” me.  I mean, she pretty much “Retweets” everything I say.

So make a memory tonight.  Head on over to Onomatopoeia or Simile or Metaphor or any other grammatical village. You’ll be glad you did.

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  • Elizabeth

    This morning we danced like it was 1999. That’s why my son has some great dance moves!

  • Dawn

    you heard Stone on our video….we have dance parties in the kitchen “for family fun”….now that’s quality time! 🙂

  • Stephen

    Sounds like fun…you should both post videos!