New year…same you?

Can you believe it’s another new year?

New year...same you?

I mean, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when we woke up in the year 2000 wondering if all the computers in the world were still going to work. 😬 Y2K!!

Now, seemingly all of a sudden, it’s 2018! Whoa!

Makes me think of one of my favorite quotes…

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

Quite a bit has changed in the last eighteen years, hasn’t it?

In 2000, there were no iPhones or iPads. No Uber. No Instagram or Snapchat. Brittany Spears had just “did it again!” That year, we all got to meet the parents with Ben Stiller, and Russell Crowe entertained us in Gladiator. Oh, and Bruce Willis made his debut on Friends. (I think he might still be crying.)

I’m sure a lot has changed for you personally as well.

Me? I was on my fifth major in college when the calendar flipped to 2000 and Emily and I started dating that year. Fast forward to today and we’ve been married 13 years and have two amazing children! And I just turned 40! An age I’m pretty sure I thought was elderly in 2000!

You know what hasn’t changed though? New Year’s resolutions.

Every year we jot down ideas of things we want to start or stop doing.

New year. New you.” is a common expression.

I think that’s the problem with new year’s resolutions. The “new you” part, I mean.

You see, when a new year rolls around we often try to transform ourselves into someone completely different. If we’re being totally honest, new year’s resolutions are often just a list of things we don’t like about ourselves.

Maybe that’s why we tend to fail at them…they’re written from a negative perspective.

The truth is, the “old you” is pretty amazing!

The old you is fearfully and wonderfully made.

The old you was made by God…on purpose, with a purpose.

So, maybe instead of listing the things we don’t like about ourselves, we should list all of the things we do like…all of the things that make us unique. (Not sure where to start? Ask your family or a friend.)

Now, how can we focus on using those traits to be the person God created us to be?

How can we use our strengths to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives? To show God’s love to others? To impact the world for Him in a way only we can? The way He created us to…now that’s a resolution!

God made only one you.

And God doesn’t make mistakes.

He created you because the world needs you.

You see, if we’re in Him, we’re already a new creation. Now, we just need to be who we were meant to be.

So often, we tell our kids to “be yourself.

This year, let’s take our own advice.


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