Why shoe sizes make great memories

As I stood in the coffee aisle at the grocery store trying to make a tough decision, a soft hand reached up and touched me on the shoulder.

Why shoe sizes make great memories

It was an older lady with a friendly smile on her face.

You wear about a size 13 shoe don’t you,” she said.

Yes ma’am. You’re exactly right,” I replied.

My husband wore a size 13. You remind me of him….He was a good man. Unfortunately we lost him a few years ago.”

I’m sorry to hear that,” I said as she picked out her own coffee.

That encounter was sweet and sad all at the same time.

And as I walked away I wondered about her story. I wondered how long they were married and how many years it had been since her husband passed away. I wondered how many other small things she must have known about him…memories only she carried.

I was reminded how it’s the little things we know about our loved ones that make each relationship special…their shoe size, the way they laugh, or some strange (at least to you) way they eat a certain food.

For example, my wife does this funny thing with her mouth when she talks on her cell phone. (That’s all I can say about it…I’ve said too much already!) She denies that she does it, but we both know the truth. It’s one of those special, small things that I love about her.

You know, we often get caught up in day-to-day life, don’t we?

We worry about things that, most of the time, don’t amount to a hill of beans and we tend to take out our frustrations on the ones closest to us. We let the circumstances of the day dictate our attitudes toward each other and we forget the small stuff. We forget about those little things that make us love them in the first place.

But, we can’t forget those things. We should sweat the small stuff.

When I’m with my wife, I want to forget about the 87 things we have to do each day instead (and the stress that comes with them), and remember the hugs and the laughs and the inside jokes that only we share.

Those are the things that bring us joy in our relationship with our spouse, our kids, our friends…and that’s why shoe sizes make great memories.

So make it a point today to tell someone close to you how much you love some small thing about them, like the way they hold their mouth when talking on a cell phone.


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