Marriage Advice You Need Today

Do you know what day it is?!

Marriage Advice You Need Today

No, it’s not hump day…Today is draft day!

And, if you’re a football fan like I am, it’s kind of a big deal.

I mean, hope is abounding! Today could be the day your team finds the next Tom Brady or Richard Sherman!

But, more importantly, today presents a golden opportunity at home…and I suggest you take advantage of it!

So, what is it you ask?

You get to use this phrase:

“If I had the first pick of the draft, I’d choose you, honey.”

I know, right? Hallmark worthy!

You’ll definitely want to work that in at some point today. (Especially if you are about to sit in front of the TV for four straight hours!)

So, go ahead…Text it, Tweet it, Facebook it, Pin it! And, let me know how it goes…

Trust me; You’ll be glad you did! Hey, if you send that to someone who is football crazed like I am, they’ll be geeked up for a week!

Oh I know it’s cheesy, but sometimes cheesy is fun! So, have a little fun today in your marriage or another relationship. It works for your parents, kids, friends….

Just remember though, it doesn’t have to be draft day (or any other holiday for that matter) to remind someone you care about them!

Have another cheesy draft day line? Share it with us!

Happy Draft Day! Who Dat!

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