Living in the “dot-dot-dot”

We’ve all had prayers that aren’t answered right away or seemingly at all.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I pray and all I’m getting is “…”

In those times, I can’t seem to focus on anything else.

But just because God hasn’t given me an answer to that specific prayer, doesn’t mean he’s silent and it doesn’t mean my life should be on hold.

Here’s a lesson that finally hit me:

– Stephen

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  • Bob Maistros

    The truth? I have lived… and all of us will live… entire parts and areas of our lives in that “…”

    God simply isn’t going to give us specific answers to every question via prayer. That’s part of the mystery that can only be filled in by faith and obedience to His Word.

    Which brings us to the boundaries for answer for every prayer: His Word. If we are living according to His Word, He can leave certain matters to our judgment.

    I remember one time Barbara was getting a lot of pressure to bring our kids to Sunday night church. It always meant late bedtimes and a bad start to the school week. She talked to an older woman in the church with grown children, who said she had gotten the same pressure, but “God gave me a brain.” That took care of it for Barbara. She was fulfilling her Biblical responsibility as a mother BY using her brain. The kids stayed home Sunday nights and kept to their bedtime schedules.

    Sometimes the answer to prayer is simply to fulfill our Biblical responsibilities by using our brains within the moral boundaries set by God in His word.

    PS I have also found that no answer is an answer. It may just be God saying “wait.”