It’s okay if you’re in a funk

I have a confession. I’m in a funk right now.

It's okay if you're in a funk

I don’t know why. I can’t put my finger on it.

Things that shouldn’t be bothering me are bothering me. Silly things. I’m not motivated to write. I’m frustrated with I don’t know what. I don’t feel like praying. Confrontation is all around me and I do not like confrontation. I’m just off…and all of that, and then some, has added up to one big funk.

I really have nothing major to complain about, and I know that.

After all, I’m healthy. My family is healthy. I have an amazing wife, two hilarious and (mostly) well-behaved children 😉 and a dog that always wags her tail when I walk in the door.

We have a home and food to eat. We have friends and family. We have a Krispy Kreme in our town. I mean, what else can a guy ask for besides a Krispy Kreme in his town?? #HotLight

Given all of those facts, though, I’m still in a funk.

You know, I used to be ashamed to admit that. It used to make me feel guilty. But, not anymore.

You see, I once thought that being in a funk meant I must not appreciate all the God has given me. I thought that it meant I had no faith, and couldn’t see the joy in life despite less than perfect circumstances. I felt guilty and believed that God was disappointed in me.

I felt he was saying “Look at all I’ve given you and you still feel this way…you ungrateful little twerp.”

But, I finally realized that would be completely outside of God’s character.

You see, when something is bothering my kids, no matter how small and insignificant it may be, I want to help guide them through it.

If I feel that way, then wouldn’t a God…who loves infinitely more than I do…feel the same way.

I mean, the Bible tells us to cast all of our anxiety on him…because he cares for us. All. (1 Peter 5:7) There’s no specification of anxiety that qualifies versus anxiety that doesn’t.

I read that this way – God cares about the things that bother me, and he will help me through them.

I also realized that acting like everything is always perfect isn’t authentic. It doesn’t mean I have a lack of faith. It means I’m human.

And, so are you.

So, it’s okay if you’re in a funk sometimes.

We all are. We all get agitated and annoyed. Our children or our spouse aggravate us a little more some days than others through no fault of their own. It’s normal.

Here are two ways that I’ve found to help get out of those funks:

Speak it.

Tell God. Then tell your spouse or a friend.

My wife always reminds me that things that bother us…no matter how silly they may be…gain power when we keep them inside. And they lose power when we speak them out loud.

You see, in my shame, I always hid the funk from God. I would pray and never address it…it was like the elephant in the room, though. He could see right through my ho hum prayers, I know.

And do you know what happened? The feeling would linger and linger…and gain power over me.

Speaking it changes that.

Plus, how can I truly trust him with the big stuff if I won’t tell him about the small things?

The second thing that helps get out of a funk…

Do something nice for someone.

It doesn’t have to be anything big…just a simple act of kindness.

It helps to to ground us and point us back to what we were created to do: Love God. Love others.

So, if you’re in a funk, don’t be ashamed to admit it. We can’t move past what we don’t acknowledge.

God isn’t disappointed. He wants to help you through it.

Whether we’re going through something that seems small and insignificant or something catastrophic, we are always in his hands.


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