How to make each day with your kids count

You only have 936 weeks with your kids before they are adults. That’s it.

How to make each day with your kids count

I like to say my daughter is only seven years old, but the reality is that means 364 of those weeks are gone. That’s almost 40%…and when I think about it like that, it really FREAKS ME OUT!!

Time is ticking…our kids aren’t kids for long, so as parents, we have to make each day count!

My sister has these words painted around the top of her living room wall – “The most wasted day of all is one in which we have not laughed.

That’s how I feel! And I don’t want to waste any days, especially with my children.

So, how do you make each day with your kids count?

Laugh with them!

I’ve always believed this, but lately I seem to have forgotten. I’ve been caught up in all the adult things there are to do each day…especially in the evenings between 5:30 and 8:00.

At my house that’s a really chaotic time.

Cook dinner. Eat dinner. Clean up dinner. Do homework. Take baths. Get ready for bed. Read a couple of books. Bedtime.

That doesn’t include the one-offs that always seems to pop up.

And lately I’ve been so hyper focused on getting through that nightly routine…on efficiently moving from one task to the next, that I’ve forgotten to pause and laugh with my kids.

I realized it the other day. I was coughing a little bit and fighting a cold. (And being Eeyore. You can read about that in my last post.) My daughter looked at me and said “Do you know what the best medicine is?”



Again…only seven. But so wise…and so right. I needed a laugh. And that little conversation made me remember that so does she. And so does my son. I remembered that I used to be intentional about making them laugh, but lately the only thing I’ve been intentional about is my to-do list.

But, kids are more important than our to-do lists. Besides, they have their own. And I’m pretty sure their complete list is…Eat. Sleep. Have fun.

So, let’s laugh with our kids! Let’s remember to make time for fun.

Let’s remember to let kids be kids! And let’s be silly with them!

Make up a song. Tell a joke. Take a goofy picture. Break into a silly dance in the middle of the kitchen when you’re making dinner. Make fart noises with your arm pit during bath time.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.


Make each day count!

You know, kids bond with us over laughter. And we definitely need to bond with our kids while we have the chance.

I’m already on about week 370 with my daughter and 210 with the handsome guy in the photo, so I’m getting back to be being intentional about laughter.

You should too. You’re kids will be glad you did.

And so will you…


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