A House Divided

My fellow Americans:

A House Divided

It has been said of our nation that “United we stand, divided we fall.”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there is an issue in our midst today that has divided our nation unlike any other.

Its impact knows no bounds. It affects republicans, democrats, and independents alike. In fact, in recent weeks, I have seen it divide sisters and brothers, husbands and wives, parents and children, Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Folks, I’m talking about snow related school closings.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that no longer can our society overcome the divisiveness that is created by simply asking the question, “Do you think school will be closed tomorrow?”

“School’s out!”

“School’s out?”

“I can’t believe they’ve canceled school already!”

“Why haven’t they canceled school yet?”

“There’s only a little ice.”

“Did you know there is ice on the roads?”

“Who is on first.”

“I don’t know…third base!”

It is a circular debate that never ends, but somehow, someway, we have to come together…to cross the aisle and break the chain.

Friends, together you and I can prevent the calamity created by snow related school closings.

We can and we must.

So, before you tuck your children into bed tonight, I urge you, talk to them…candidly…about snow related school closings. We simply cannot pass our mistakes along to the next generation.

The future of our nation depends on that fact.

I don’t know about you, but the cold never bothered me anyway.

Together we can overcome this. Will you join me?

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  • Jolanta Hoffmann

    I’m all for school closings, but I’m a teacher!

    • Stephen

      Ha ha! Yes…everyone loves an extra day off!