A Guaranteed Way to Make Someone’s Day

Today (March 27, 2014) at Sonic Drive-ins all across the country Master Blasts® are two for the price of one. If you’ve never had a Sonic Blast® my heart breaks for you! And today is the perfect day to remedy that! (Photo via @sonicdrivein)

A Sonic Blast® is basically vanilla ice cream with something mixed in such as Oreos®, Snickers®, M&M’s®, etc. and whipped cream on top. They are dy-no-mite!

A Master Blast®? Well…

My wife thinks it’s a lot of ice cream…we have very different definitions of “a lot of ice cream.”

My friends know how much I love these little cups of heaven. In fact, the other day when Sonic announced this promotion about 77 people told me about it! Thanks guys!

I know what you’re thinking. “That doesn’t sound like something I can eat two of in one day.”


I made a joke about some of those same friends bringing me one and that got me thinking…

What if we used a simple promotion like this as an opportunity to pick someone up…someone who is having a rough time at school, work, or at home…someone who is sick or hurting…someone who just needs a smile.

You know, I often miss opportunities to help uplift someone because I don’t have some type of grand idea to make their problem go away. So, I just don’t do anything. Can you relate?

I’m not sure why I think this way. I mean, in my own life, some of the smallest gestures have meant the most…like ice cream or popcorn or a simple text asking “how are you?”

I’m willing to bet someone popped in your head as you read this. Why not go grab a Sonic Blast® and make their day?

You could do something really crazy and give them both away!

What are more “little things” that we can do to uplift others? What has someone done for you?

P.S. I’ve eaten two in one day before, but I’m a professional. Do not attempt that at home!

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  • Since I’m reading this at the end of the day I’m going to take that challenge on Friday. I sure hope someone gave you a Sonic Blast today….