A Grocery Store Confession

Dear Grocery Stores: I’m sorry. I really am.

A Grocery Store Confession

You see, I don’t always push my buggy back to the front of the store or into one of those nifty return chutes. I want to. I try to. But sometimes, I just leave it…by my car. I know, I know. Just take my fuel points away now.

I don’t like doing this. In fact, I feel guilty when I do. It’s just that, once I buckle my children into their car seats, I’m not willing to walk that far away. They are precious cargo and I want to keep a close eye on them. Plus, I know that someone will be making the rounds soon to form that cool buggy train.

I mean, it bothers me so much that I make a conscious effort to park next to those chutes, but sometimes those spots aren’t open.

I also don’t really want to be one of those “they have someone for that” people. You know, like when someone doesn’t throw away their trash at a movie or a ball game because “they have someone for that.” That’s not cool.

So, I hope you understand and that you can forgive me. And, I promise to return them as often as I can if you promise to help me out the next time I’m in the express lane and the person in front of me has 67 items. Deal?

P.S. Can I keep my fuel points?

Am I the only one who thinks about this stuff? Do you have any confessions like this? Oh, and it’s definitely a buggy, not a shopping cart…

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  • Sheila

    LOL – I was thinking I’d have to make a buggy vs shopping cart comment, and then I read your last sentence. Must be a southern vs northern thing 🙂

    • Stephen

      Every soft drink is a “Coke” too, Sheila…There is no soda or pop!

  • Elizabeth

    Just lock your kids in the car and quickly put the “cart” up….

    • Stephen

      I’m not following you…what’s a cart? 😉

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