My Funny Valentine

Ok, it’s your turn to share.

My Funny Valentine

I want to hear your funny Valentine’s Day story!

Someone give you a card and put the wrong name on it?

Forget to make reservations and found yourself all dressed up with no place to go?

Get a gift that was less than romantic?

I  know there are some great storytellers our there! So, share your story with us! Post it in the comments section below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • Jan Baker

    Gary almost got arrested on one of our Valentine’s Day trips…seriously! I think he has shared the story in SS.

    • I’m not sure I remember that story! Maybe he can tell it again on Sunday?!

    • Stephen

      Jan, share more details!

  • Kelly

    As a tall, skinny, awkward, desperately single teenager I received a delightful surprise on my front porch on Valentine’s Day in 1987 from a secret admirer! It was a huge box of chocolates with a card expressing his undying love for me… only I never got to eat the chocolates or see who signed the card because my labrador retriever thought the gift was left for her. She devoured the entire box and, yes, the bottom of the card. I never got to thank whoever it was and I’ve always felt badly that they probably thought I had rejected them. And we enjoyed three days of cleaning up the repercussions of the labrador’s indulgence…

    • That is too funny!! I wonder who it was! They probably still think about the rejection they experienced! LOL!

    • Stephen

      Kelly, that is so funny! Somewhere, someone is telling the other side of that story…

      • Exactly!!! This was waaayyy before Facebook, twitter, and instagram so I couldn’t even “post” about it!

  • The year Stephen and I got married, I decided I was going to start collecting Wallace Bells like my Grandmother does. They are beautiful sleigh bells made of sterling silver and made in America (you like that Liz Pace?). Anyway, Steve had a great idea to get a bell off ebay from my birth year and give it to me for Valentine’s Day. Great idea that his sister also had. They actually had a bidding war going on for the bell until Steve realized who he was bidding against! He called her up and asked her to stop bidding on it!! Steve “won” it and it is one of my most special bells that I love to take out at Christmas!! It was one of my very favorite Valentine gifts!

    • Stephen

      I had forgotten about that! Bidding against my own sister for a present for my wife… Those screen names can be tricky!

  • Elizabeth

    Love it! Especially because it’s made in America 🙂

  • Angie Sponaugle

    My first unofficial date with David was at a murder mystery dinner party. I had just split with a boyfriend and was heartbroken. I didn’t want to go to the dinner because I was so depressed! My friend gave me the role of the old widow and made me go. The family of the deceased was Italian and Catholic. David was the priest! He walked around all night saying, “My child, your sins are forgiven.” For some reason, I found it hilarious! We still talk about that!

    • Stephen

      What a first date! Thanks for sharing, Angie!

  • Jan Baker

    We were in Pine Mt., GA (I think) and there was a road closed due to construction. We got to a place where we could easily see where we wanted to be, but couldn’t get there without backtracking and eating up lots of time. Anyway…my husband decided he could go around the road block and get us there without difficulty. Not funny when about 15 seconds after he went around it, blue lights were flashing. They really did threaten to take him to jail. We have great pictures of this whole ordeal. The look on Gary’s face as he is talking to the policeman is priceless!

  • Stephen

    Oh no! That could be a country song! “I was driving with my woman ’round a city road block…”

  • Alison

    This one Valentine’s Day I checked with my husband to see if he had lunch plans only to find out he was having lunch with this guy friend of his. Being the understanding wife I am, I was okay with it and just took the kids to Chickfila for a special lunch. The funny part was when I got there, I coincidentally met up with the wife of my husband’s friend who was also out to lunch with the kids. Ha ha ha ha ha…..Emily, it was nice getting to see you and the kids today.

    • Stephen