Four words that changed my definition of home

My son Colton and I often play silly games when I tuck him in at night. Bedtime is a great time to bond…its just the two of us at the end of a (usually hectic) day.

Four words that changed my definition of home

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One of our favorite games is “What is a _____.”

I fill in the blank with a simple word that he obviously knows the meaning of just to be funny, and he’ll attempt to define that word. (The way only a four year old can)

What is a bed?
It’s where you lay down, get cozy, and go to sleep.

What is sleep?
It’s when you close your eyes and go like this. (Snore sound)

What are eyes?

He laughs so hard. And I crack up just thinking about it.

One night the word “home” came up.

What is a home?
Home is a family.

Home is a family? I haven’t stopped thinking about those four words since.

This is a four year old, mind you.

Not home is a building or home is where you watch TV or where you build Legos or where you eat dinner…home is a family.

Think about that for a minute. Home is a family. Think about all that phrase implies.

I mean, most of us would say that the place we feel the most comfortable in the whole world, the place we want to run to when things are out of whack or we’re sick or embarrassed, the place we feel most like ourselves…is home.

And for our four year old, the place that provides that comfort…is his family. His mom, dad, sister, and his dog.

Man, that really puts things into perspective for me.

I don’t know about you, but my wife and I spend a good bit of time working on our home. I think most people do. I mean, no matter what state our home is in, we seem to always want to make it better.

Painting walls, mowing grass, raking leaves, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming floors, planting flowers, hanging pictures… the list goes on and on.

I mean, I love my family way more than the structure we live in, but if I’m being honest with myself, can I say I’m as intentional about working on family as I am my home? Probably not.

But if our “home” is our family…shouldn’t I?

What if every evening and weekend we worked on making our family better not our home?

What if we worked as hard on making our family the most comfortable place in the whole world for our kids?

What if we invested the same amount of time on making our family the place our children want to run to when things are out of whack or they’re sick or embarrassed?

What if we focused our time, not on greener grass, shinier floors, or front porch displays, but rather on making our family the place where our kids feel most like themselves?

What if we treated our family like it was home?

What kind of families would we all create?

My definition of home has been forever changed.

Because I think Colton is right.

Home is a family.


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