Sometimes you’re happy just to get dinner on the table.

Lots of parents I talk to say the same thing: evenings are a rat race.

From homework to dinner to bath time to bedtime, there’s a lot to get done in a short amount of time. And unfortunately, there’s no app for that!

The interesting thing is that all of those parents, me included, think everyone else has it all figured out, especially with dinner.

We see posts on Facebook and pins on Pinterest of the cool recipes that everyone else is making. And we become convinced that every single night of the week…every kid but ours is eating low-calorie, low-fat, mega-delicious, super-charged brain food that will have them graduating from Harvard by the age of 12.

The voice in our head begins to tell us that we’re not good enough.

Insecurity grows and we believe every other parent is doing a better job than we are.

But that voice doesn’t know what you had to deal with today. It doesn’t know about the sick kid you took care of, or the tight deadline you had at work. It doesn’t know the hot-water heater busted and you swept water out of the garage all day. It doesn’t know you called out spelling words and multiplication tables for two extra hours after school. That voice doesn’t know you were up until two in the morning sewing a costume for the class play.

On those days, you can forget gourmet.

You see, sometimes you’re happy just to get dinner on the table…regardless of what it is.

Sometimes just having dinner is a victory.

And you’re not alone. No matter what that voice in your head tells you, we all share this struggle.

I’m not saying nutrition isn’t important. I mean, you don’t want hotdog night 365 days in a row. (My stomach hurts just thinking about that!)

Honestly though, I don’t remember any single meal from my childhood. And your kids won’t either.

They’ll remember that you took care of them…that you ate together. They’ll remember that you spent time as a family sitting around the dinner table talking and laughing.

Your kids will remember how they felt, not what they ate.

So the next time it’s cereal night, don’t beat yourself up. Remember that you’re a dy-na-mite parent! Remind yourself that you are the perfect parent for your children. The dinner menu will never change that!

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