Am I contagious?

A funny thing happened on the way home from the doctor…

Am I contagious?

One day, my daughter was complaining that her stomach hurt, so much that we determined she needed to go to the doctor.  It was at the end of the day, so we had to head over to the afterhours pediatrician.

She was writhing in pain and moaning during the entire 20 minute drive.  I felt so bad for her.

The urgent care center is first come, first serve, so we had to wait a bit once we arrived. While we were sitting there watching cartoons, I felt something running down my legs…it was her lunch and it was all over both of us. Oh, and the nurse was calling her name.

We quickly went to the restroom and I did my best to clean us up before heading back for an examination. After talking with the doctor for a bit and having x-rays taken, I was informed that she had a severe case of…constipation. (No wonder she had a stomach ache!)

After a popsicle and some “treatment,” we headed home. During the car ride she asked me if she needed to stay away from her little brother.  It didn’t hit me what she meant, so I asked her why.

“Am I contagious,” she asked.

I couldn’t stop laughing. My response? “No, baby. You can’t catch poop.”

It was the sweetest and grossest conversation I’ve ever been a part of!

After a very long, difficult and painful evening…and honestly one of the most traumatic events of her short life…she was more concerned about her little brother than herself.  She wanted to make sure he didn’t get sick too. It melted my heart and got me thinking.

Am I like that? During my most difficult moments, do I still put others’ needs in front of mine? All too often, the answer is probably no. Sure, it’s easy to care for people when everything is going well, but can we do it during the valleys too?

I’m extremely proud of my daughter’s caring heart. Thanks, princess, for a great lesson.

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