Do that to me!

In my house our daughter would prefer that we always live by the Golden Rule…”Do unto me whatever you do unto my brother.” She is four years old and her brother is just 20 months, so that doesn’t always make sense.

Do that to me!

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Whatever we do to him, you can count the nanoseconds until we hear “Do that to me!” It goes both ways too, he just can’t articulate as well as she can yet.  He runs towards us and signals his request. My favorite is when she is sitting in my lap and he wants to…he backs into me like a little dump truck.

Don’t get me wrong, they love each other dearly and she would do anything for her baby brother (See Am I Contagious?), but sometimes jealousy creeps in.

For example, one day after coming inside from playing, the boy was all hot and sweaty. (His cheeks get beet red if he even looks at anything hot.)  So I say to him, “You are all sweaty and stinky!”

“Am I all sweaty and stinky,” she said in a cute voice with her head cocked to the side.

“No, baby.”

“Yes, I am!”

Now, she had not been outside and the comment was certainly not a compliment, but her little bro was sweaty and stinky and by golly she wanted to be too!

Even though I try to teach my children not to compare themselves to others, I’m just as guilty.

I even do it with this blog. I look at others and the site looks way cooler than mine. Clearly, it’s a better blog; more people are reading it…people just like it more.  How do I make this blog more like that one?! In other words, “Do that to me!”

Do you ever do that? Do you every catch yourself wanting what someone else has?

The truth is there will always be a better blog, a newer truck, and a bigger house. There will always be someone who is funnier, better looking, has more money and more hair.  But focusing on other peoples’ blessings takes my attention away from mine.

It’s so easy to dwell on all that you aren’t and lose sight of all that you are.

And, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

You were made in the image of the One who focuses on the eternal and not the temporal…who gives rest to the weary…who loves without measure…who sees what’s in your heart and not what’s on the outside.

I want to be like that. Do that to me!


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  • Elaine

    Do that to me, too.

    • Stephen

      Come On!