Christian Valentine Cards

I don’t know about you, but I always struggle to find the perfect Valentine’s Day card. I need more choices.

Christian Valentine Cards

I started thinking, I’ve read all these cool Christian pickup lines like “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a selection of hip Christian Valentine cards? You know, ones that would make my wife remember why I’m the one she chose to be late to church with.

My wife agreed that it would be amazing…ly hysterical.

Since we couldn’t find any, we sat down and wrote some of our own.

So, here is a list of Christian Valentine card ideas that should totally (not) be on the shelves of your local card shop:

  1. I’d climb a Sycamore tree just to get a glimpse of you.
  2. I love you more than Eve loves apples.
  3. My love for you burns brighter than a bush on Mount Horeb.
  4. Honey, I love you so much, I’d give up one of my ribs for you.
  5. Baby, I’d sleep in a den of lions just to be by your side.
  6. I’d swim across the ocean for you…even if it meant getting swallowed by a fish for three days.
  7. I’d travel through a plague of locusts to see your sweet face.
  8. Your love makes me want to break out the new wine.
  9. Any wise man would seek you, Baby.
  10. Is your name Rachel? Because I’d work 7 years for your love.
  11. I would float in a basket down the Nile River to wind up in the arms of a princess like you.
  12. I would never passover your pretty face, Baby.
  13. I would walk in a circle for 7 days to crumble to walls around your heart.
  14. There will always be room for you in my inn, Honey.
  15. Do you hear what I hear? It’s the sound of my heart beating for you…

Feel free to use any of these inside your own card. But be careful. I can’t be held responsible for the results.

Your turn! What would you write inside of a card? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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