Celebrate Dad!

Dads are often portrayed as disconnected, out of touch and clueless…the weak link in the family and an extra child for mom to look after. We can’t cook, can’t clean, can’t remember birthdays and can’t dress ourselves without help. Either that or we work 26 hours per day and consider children another obstacle in the way of career advancement.

Celebrate Dad!

It’s a stereotype that lives on in commercials, movies, and sitcoms. It subtly teaches children to devalue the father in their lives because of his inherent incompetence.

Of course we all have room for improvement, but fortunately not all fathers are like that. I’m thankful to know so many men who are tremendous fathers, men who are engaged and aware, true leaders in their home…men that are the exact opposite of every stereotype that exists.

Guys, it’s our responsibility to evaluate ourselves and ensure those stereotypes aren’t accurate, to learn from our mistakes, and be who we were meant to be.

We need to find ways to continually sharpen our skills as a father.

In fact, help is practically unlimited if you’re willing to look for it. There are numerous books, blogs, and Twitter feeds that offer advice and support. For example, I follow All Pro Dad.

You can also seek the advice of other dads. Don’t be shy, your children are depending on you!

Trust me, I know there are some fathers out there that leave a lot to be desired, but I believe they are the minority.

So instead of ridiculing, let’s build up and encourage our fathers. It’s not always an easy job, but it’s one that many, many of us are up for. It’s humbling, challenging and rewarding and by far the best job I’ve ever had!

This Father’s Day, celebrate the dad in your life. Thank him for all the things he does. Let him know what he means to you. Everyone appreciates and thrives on encouragement.  Dads are no different.

Oh, and we like kettle corn and ice cream way more than ties and khaki pants!

So, how does the dad in your life contradict the typical stereotypes? How will you thank him this Father’s Day?

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  • Love you! Happy Father’s Day!! You are a great Dad!

  • Elaine Jones

    You are a great dad. I’m proud of the man you have become.

  • Deanna

    Love this so much, Steve! I am blessed to be married to a man who puts God first, wife second, and then his boys. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

    • Stephen

      Thank you, Deanna!

  • Debra Newton

    Stephen, you are a wonderful husband to my daughter and a great Dad to our grandchildren, thank you and your monthly check is in the mail. (just kidding) We love you!

    • Stephen

      Thank you! They make it easy! (Especially when you consider the checks!)