Blah, Blah, Blog…

So I’ve finally done it…I’ve started a blog.  After years (literally) of debate (hey, I like to be 100% sure), I’ve finally done it and it’s going to EPIC.  (Cue Mr. Movie Voice) You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…you may even pee in your pants.  So buckle up, tell a friend and let’s geaux!

Blah, Blah, Blog...

I’ve always been a pretty good story-teller.  In fact, starting at a very young age, my mother would always say, “You are such a storyteller!”

What am I going to blog about you ask?  Well, you see the heading…faith, fatherhood and fun.  And by fun, I mean sports and by sports, I mostly mean football.

Topics can be easy to come by. I’m husband to a very tolerant wife and father to two hilarious children.  You hear things at my house like, “If you need me, I’ll be in the pantry.” Or, “Stop playing and get over here and watch TV!” Oh, and my personal favorite, “Did you put your slippers in the microwave yet?”

There’s a story behind each one of those that I can’t wait to share.

So, thanks for the encouragement, Mom, this blog’s for you!

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  • Elaine Jones

    I’m about to cry! This is going to be great. I’ve always loved your stories. They have made me laugh, cry, and everything in between. Let the fun begin!

  • Elizabeth

    Can’t wait to see what unfolds! Glad you’re geauxing for it.

  • “Geauxing for it…” Very clever, Liz! You should start blogging! (Oh, wait…)

    Looking forward to laughing (and possibly crying) as we join you on this journey! Congrats! I see a book in your future….

  • Elisca

    looking forward to reading the thoughts of my favorite Brother in law.

  • Stephen

    Thanks for the comments! I better hold off on the book for now…it took me six months to write the 100 words you see above!