An Airline Upgrade That Can’t Miss

A while back I wrote a post with some suggestions for what I considered must-follow rules for airline travel. (You can read those here.)

An Airline Upgrade That Can't Miss

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Recently I was flying again and thought of a couple more suggestions…this time for the airlines.

You see, when I was checking-in online for my flight, I noticed all of these upgrades the airline tried to sell me.

  • $30 for preferred seating.
  • $9.99 for wifi.
  • $35 if I pair preferred seating with wifi. (Savings!)
  • $25 for bonus frequent flyer miles.
  • $20 for priority boarding.

Wait, $20 for priority boarding?

I’m not sure why I would need that. Isn’t there assigned seats? I’m in 9B. Is someone going to race me to 9B? If so, I need to know that up front. I plan on wearing different shoes!

$20 to hop on the plane five minutes sooner?

Well, I wasn’t interested in that, but it did give me the idea for an airline upgrade that can’t miss!

What about priority de-boarding?

I mean, when I’m buried in the back of the plane and I only have 20 minutes to make my connection…that’s when I could use priority! That’s when I need a “fast pass!” That’s when I need to take a ride on the Reading Railroad! That is something I would pay for!

Especially if I’m stuck in 32F…up against the bathroom. I need to get out of there as quickly as possible!

So there’s my suggestion Mr. and Mrs. Airline. Priority de-boarding.

Oh, and this plane I was on recently…the flight attendant offered me some peanuts. I asked if he had any of those delicious cookies. “No, just peanuts,” he said. The flight is too short.”

An Airline Upgrade That Can't Miss

Too short? The flight was an hour long.

Now, I’m not the Cookie Monster or anything, but I promise you it doesn’t take me an hour to eat two (or four, or six) of those cookies.

Suggestion number 2: There should always be cookies.



How about you? Would you pay for priority de-boarding? Do you feel the same way I do about those cookies? Do you have any funny airline stories to share?

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  • B Shay

    I totally agree. I recently took an 18 hr flight. Cookies, peanuts, and all the curry-seasoned scrambled eggs I could eat, wasn’t enough to keep me from wanting out ASAP. I can see a bidding war, however, so…I see your $20 Mr Jones and I’ll raise you another $20 to get off this beast!

    • Ha ha! That flight’s not too short for cookies! I’m pretty sure I’d be ready to de-board that plane after an 18 hour flight too…

  • Terri

    I agree with everything here. We used to live abroad, which meant we had to go through Immigration and Customs every time we landed. I would have happily paid for priority de-boarding so I could get to the front of the lines that awaited me inside the airport!!

  • Elizabeth

    The make a spread with those exact cookies. You can find it in the Kroger bakery area. Now you can add it to your favorite foods to be dropped off at your house.

    • I’m not sure about a spread…I think I’ll stick with the cookies!