7 Air Travel Rules Everyone Should Follow

Airline travel can be exciting…especially if you are going on vacation, going to see family or headed somewhere you’ve never been before.  But occasionally we see news reports of airline behavior that makes you say “surely, you can’t be serious.”

7 Air Travel Rules Everyone Should Follow

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I was traveling during a recent string of those news reports and thought it would be fun to write a set of airline travel rules that is guaranteed to lead to a mile-high utopia.

So, here goes nothing…

The Stephen Jones Rules of Air Travel:

1. Resist the urge to monopolize the arm rest. Pretend there is an imaginary plane (no pun intended) between you and the person sitting next to you that extends from floor to ceiling.

2. When asking another passenger to trade seats with you, ensure that both seats are situated in a similar manner. (i.e. aisle, middle, window)

3. Remain seated until the door of the aircraft has been opened and airline personnel usher the first row towards it. At that time everyone will exit in an orderly fashion.

4. If a child is crying, remain calm and let it go. You were once a crier too.

5. When standing, do not grab the chair in front of you and use it as leverage. (Unless it is empty)

6. Keep your seat in its upright position at all times, especially if the person seated behind you is 6’3″ or taller.

7. Never, under any circumstances, bring BBQ or any other odoriferous cuisine with you into the cabin.

A couple of them may seem odd, but I know these rules are applicable…each came from exchanges I observed while in the cabin.  (One involved a dog in a purse, but that’s a story for another time.)

Follow these rules for the benefit of yourself and those around you! It will surely lead to a better flying experience!

Do you have a good airplane story to share or a rule to add?

Happy Flying!

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  • Stephen

    New rule suggestion came in…”the person in the middle gets both armrests.” I like it!

  • EH

    If you must store your carry on in the overhead bins please don’t crush other people’s bags trying to jam it in.

  • Thanks for the comment! I keep the most fragile cargo with me at all times…my snacks!

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