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Welcome to my blog!

Hi, my name is Stephen. I’m so glad you are here!

This page is intended to help you learn a little about me and my blog.

Here, you’ll find posts on three main topics: faith, family, and fun.

You see, I’m passionate about doing family better, and I believe a stronger faith leads to a stronger family.

I want to be the best parent and spouse that I can be…who doesn’t? But do you know what? Those jobs are hard! I struggle through them each day, and I often feel like I get way more wrong than I get right!

If you can relate, then this is a place for you!

The cool thing is that we don’t have to do this alone! I know I can’t possibly navigate this journey by myself. None of us can. We need God’s wisdom and guidance daily in our lives.

You know, the greatest thing we can do as parents is to help our children have a relationship with Jesus. And in order to help them do that, we need to strengthen our own faith and understanding of who He is.

So, that’s why faith and family tie together for me. I typically post about once per week, and my hope is that sharing my journey will help you with yours. I hope you’ll find posts entertaining, relatable, and encouraging.

Oh yeah..I almost forgot. Fun! You MUST have fun on this crazy journey! I truly believe God has a sense of humor and laughter is the best medicine. In fact, the best way to bond with our children is through laughter!

A little about me…

I often cry watching SportsCenter.

I’ve been called the human iPod.

The only thing green I eat is M&M’s.

I’m also husband to a beautiful wife and father to two hilarious children. You hear things at my house like, “If you need me, I’ll be in the pantry.” Or, “Stop playing and get over here and watch TV!” Oh, and my personal favorite, “Did you put your slippers in the microwave yet?”

I’ve got a story for each one of those.

In fact, I’ve always been a pretty good storyteller. Starting at a very young age, my mother would always say, “You are such a storyteller!”

So, thanks for the encouragement, Mom, this blog’s for you!

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