3 things to pray for your kids to have

Parenting is hard.

3 things to pray for your kids to have

Anyone who says parenting is not hard, is not a parent. I used to be one of those people.

If I tell my three year old to put his shoes on, you better believe he is going to put his shoes on the minute I tell him to.

Ha ha! Rookie.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I like to look back and laugh at all the things I thought I knew about parenting before I had kids.

One thing I have definitely learned since becoming a parent is that raising children takes prayer. Lots and lots of prayer.

So with that in mind, here are three things that I think all parents should consistently pray for their children to have:

1. Wisdom.

We all make tons of decisions every day, and honestly, I make poor decisions all the time. And I have decades of experience. Kids, on the other hand, are new at decision making, and there are definitely going to be bumps and bruises along the way. Much of life is cause and effect…decisions lead to a specific outcomes. Unfortunately, the effects of some bad decisions last a lifetime. So since we can’t possibly teach our kids how to respond to every possible scenario that will present itself, they need to rely on wisdom. Teach your kids to pray for wisdom for themselves too. The awesome thing about wisdom is God promises to give it to us if we just ask.

2. Courage.

The difference between knowing what’s right and doing what’s right is often courage. Kids have always been known to “follow the crowd.” That’s not new, but peer pressure today is tougher than it’s ever been. Today’s “crowd” isn’t just an in-person crowd…there’s a virtual crowd on social media that can pull kids in the wrong direction from anywhere around the world. When I was a kid, I often knew what the right thing to do was, but I didn’t always do it. Because I was scared. Because no one else was doing it. Pray for your kids to have the courage to do what’s right, even when it’s hard…even when no one else is.

3. Impact.

Specifically, a positive impact. Our actions and attitudes impact those that are around us each day, the question is what type of impact that is. You see, God didn’t create us for ourselves. God created us for himself and for others…He asks us to impact the world around us. I want my kids to be prepared to answer that call whenever the opportunity arises. I want them to have a positive impact on their friends and family…on their classmates and teachers…because I believe it’s God’s design.

If you pray for your kids to have these things, remember that part of God’s answer to those prayers is going to be you.

So, model wise decision-making for your kids and share with them your thought process.

Demonstrate courage. Do what’s right by your kids and in front of your kids even when it’s hard…even when no one else is.

Be intentional about impacting your family, your neighbors, and your community. Seek opportunities to serve that you and your kids can do as a family.

And don’t forget to pray for yourself. Because parenting is hard.

Parenting takes wisdom.

Parenting takes courage.

Parenting presents daily opportunites to make a positive impact on our children.


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