10 things every couple should do before getting married

If you’ve been married for more than five minutes, chances are someone has asked you the following question. “How did you know she was the one?”

10 things every couple should do before getting married

The person asking is often single and evaluating their own relationship.

Well, if you’re trying to determine whether or not it’s time to take the next step with that special someone in your life, I’ve got a foolproof way for you to figure that out.

If you can make it through these activities…and still be on speaking terms the next day…order the 50th Anniversary cake now!

Here are 10 things every couple should do before getting married:

1. Pick out a paint color. There are 7,232,980,139 options. Oh, you want “blue.” Will that be Soar, Salty Tear, Fresh Water…

2. Pick out a new couch. (and figure out where to to put it) – “I don’t care what kind of couch we have as long as we are sitting on it together.” Ha ha. Rookie.

3. Drive 8 hours to a vacation spot with a 3 year old in the back seat. None of that “we’re so in love college trip to Florida” stuff. That’s child’s play. Pack a mini van with everything you could possibly need for seven days (including stuff you don’t even use at home) and head out.

4. Load a new roll of toilet paper. First of all, if the other person actually changes an empty roll, you’ve probably got a keeper. But try this anyway. If you’re an over the roll person and she’s an under the roll person…there could be fireworks down the road.

5. Figure out directions anywhere. Get lost somewhere…old school style. No Siri.

6. Get ready to go out using only one bathroom shower and sink. You only have 30 minutes. Go!! Just in case you were wondering, it is possible to bathe with only a washcloth and a sink.

7. Plan a kid’s birthday party. I’m just going to let you figure this one out for yourself.

8. Try to get yourselves and two or more children to church on time. Oh, “what’s the big deal”? Yeah, you’ve got a better chance to replicate something you found on Pinterest.

9. Start a serious conversation while the other person is watching their favorite TV show. “Huh? Did you say something?”

10. Hang something on the wall. A picture. Some curtains. Anything. You don’t really know a person until you’ve tried to center a painting on the wall together.

If you can get through all of these and still want to be in the same room together for more than two minutes…you aren’t just meant for each other, but Nicholas Sparks will probably write a book about you.

Good luck!


P.S. Married folks bicker about some strange stuff, don’t we?! Please tell me it’s not just us Joneses…

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